Our Offer

Solutions for any communication need.

Twister operates on a full-service basis assisting companies at every level and at every stage.

Consulting services to build effective communication

Our activities are performed in different areas: media communication, stakeholder communication, digital campaign & management, multimedia production 

Steps management with high impact on reputation and business: extraordinary finance operations, crisis management

Areas of expertise


We create communication strategies and content that are functional to the company’s goals

Market positioning and business development

Digital identity

Managers and entrepreneurs’ public image

Communication Audit & Assessment

Integrated Communication plans


We take care of the presence and the relations with the different components that constitute the mediatic universe:

Press, general and specialised digital publications, radio and TV

Influencers and bloggers


We help companies in communicating to specific audiences

Extraordinary finance

IPO communication, M&A operations and corporate restructuring.

Public affairs

Relationship management with institutions.

Crisis Management

Management of situations that put the reputation of the company and managers at risk.

Event Management

Planning of corporate events.

Internal communication

Projects and actions to communicate to employees, collaborators, distribution networks.


Performance Marketing

We develop campaigns aimed at measurable business results, taking care of planning, content definition, performance metrics, execution and monitoring.

Social Media Management

We handle corporate communications through social platforms and channels.


Communication Tool

In our studios, we produce audio and video contents to be used on corporate channels (website, social media) and in external communications (media, public events).

Web Development

We create websites and web applications in their entirety: graphic design, contents, technology (code writing, user interface design, database integration, server management).

Corporate publishing

We plan and create print and digital publications for different stakeholders: annual reports and sustainability reports, newsmagazines and newsletters, corporate and product presentations.