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Expertise, care, passion

These are the talents of Twister professionals, and we look for these qualities when expanding our team. We built a team combining different experiences and backgrounds capable of communicating with organisations and their stakeholders at all levels.

Average years of stay at Twister
The average age of professionals
50 %
The percentage of women and men
80 %
Graduate professionals
The average experience in corporate communication

Fabio Raineri


Our workgroup has been built by focusing on the integration of professionals with diverse skills and experiences. This value, along with specialization in certain niches of communication and dedication to the client, remains the key to our three-decade success.

Arnaldo Ragozzino

Partner & Managing Director Corporate & Finance

Today, a company can no longer manage communication by separating its areas. A professional must have a broad perspective, finding a consistent balance between institutional and business needs, between digitalization and physical presence. A task for specialists.

Andrea Franceschi

Public Affairs M.D.

Understanding the geography of institutions, the orientation of those who govern them, and the dynamics that inspire them: this is the content of our offering, essential today for any company that wants to engage with political decision-makers and technical bodies to represent the needs of their business.

Lucia Saluzzi

Finance Director

A new generation of companies is approaching the capital markets. We have the ambition to accompany them on this journey, helping them through communication to enhance their qualities.

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